€ 49,000 • 8.60 M • 2001
€ 390,000 • 18.60 M • 2007
€ 265,000 • 13.65 M • 2002
55.10 M • 2021
Yachts for Sale
The expert skills of our team
can assist you by proposing from our list the best yachts meeting your needs of find the finest yacht of your expectations.
Every information is being filtered in order to have the best result for you either being a seller or a buyer.
So our main goal remains to serve our clients in the best possible way and to satisfy them and have a longstanding relationship.
Yacht Agency
Among our sale, purchase and charter activities
we also offer yacht agency services which consist of:
  • Yacht arrival formalities and clearance.
  • Customs and immigration formalities for passengers and crew changes.
  • Berth reservations to all marinas in Greece.
  • Fuels and Lubricants supply.
  • Private transportation services.
  • Provisions and Stores supply.
  • Technical support and spare parts.
  • VIP custom made services
    CPO (close protection operations).
About us
You can trust us
5, Sachtouri Str.
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Our team consists of young and ambitious people who are offering the best quality of services and professionalism.
At the same time their experience in shipping in general and in yachting the last years creates a field of trust and honesty with the clients.
Our Team
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